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Meet the Artists

VAV is known for their vibrant, abstract, and often open-ended paintings that capture the intangible aspects of the human experience. The twenty-two year old, Laotian, Queer, intuitive painter and poet was born in Minnesota to immigrant parents. Influenced by various cultures, belief systems, and approaches to life, their process of creation begins by asking the blank space "Who do you want to become?" Akin and inspired by the Fauvists of the early 20th century, their work is characterized by its vivid explosion of color.

2021-08-14 15_03_54.489.jpg

Lena Gray creates trauma informed digital Illustrations to practice healing and meditate on possible futures where Black trans people can thrive. Her work is directly inspired by radical forms of community support that work towards decolonization.


My name is Eva Parker (they/them) and I am the owner of Theydy's Things. I specialize in making clay accessories though it didn't start off like that. I have always been interested in art and creating things. Theydy's Things named because of my non-binary identity. So these are truly a Theydy's Things. After going on my resin journey, I wanted to expand my creativity and that is why I started working with clay. In clay I found that I could make anything I wanted and it opened my art up to endless possibilities.

Zena Toxine (she/they) is a 25 year old Korean trans artist living in Greensboro, NC. Working across mediums like acrylic, oil, mixed media collage, ceramics, fiber, music, and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on. Always working on a million projects and straddling trauma, race, gender, queerness, and class.

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7piiklz (they/them) is a self-taught first-generation Queer Mexican artist who grew up in eastern North Carolina. 7piiklz has been creating art since a young child, and has recently started using art to explore several topics, such as: their Queer identity and their Latinx identity and how they interact, inner-child healing, capitalism, material experimentation, language, marginalization, disability, recycling/repurposing and others


My name is Kiddia Talley, I am a self taught graphic artist. I've always had an interest in art but during the pandemic I was able to refocus on my art and build my portfolio. My style of art is eccentric and is inspired by outer worldly topics like celestials, planets, and things outside of the ordinary. 

Hi, I am Sachi Dely ,  I was born in Dak Mil, Vietnam in 1998 and came to the states as a refugee in 2002. I am an Indigenous Southeast Asian mixed media artist based in Greensboro, North Carolina. My work is dedicated to representing my identity specifically as a Montagnard-Bunong woman.


Shaïna M. Caceres-Doliny (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, Haitian-American artist and designer from Miami, FL currently based in Greensboro, NC. They are a professional creative who is passionate about intentional art, design, and the power of the imaginative process. My paintings represent how I relate to liberation through the healing of my internal and external worlds by practicing deep shadow work. Through abstraction, I seek to create a new language that speaks to how I move through my healing process while existing in this world as “other” (Black, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, & disabled) and invite others to join me in this through their own interpretation and meditation of my work.

Headshot_Shaïna M. Caceres-Doliny.jpg

Jordan T. Robinson is a North Carolina-based artist and emerging curator, who runs a creative services brand to help the community, called JTR Presents. Thanks to the support he received from his family, Robinson cultivated a love for the Arts that later inspired him to attend North Carolina A&T State University, where he obtained his degree in Media Design. Soon after, Robinson enrolled in Savanna College of Art & Design to further the administrative skill sets he developed from producing exhibitions independently.

Guilford Green Foundation & LGBTQ Center has graciously loaned pieces from their rotating LGBTQ Gallery currently on display in their LGBTQ Center in Greensboro, NC. GGF is currently displaying pieces originally curated by Jordan Robinson during their Transparency Series.

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