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The Baba Project

Created by:John Kornegay

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"The Baba Project" by John Kornegay Photography is a profound exploration of Black Fatherhood through photography.


Initiated in 2019, the project aims to humanize the image of Black fathers, break stereotypes, and foster understanding. It seeks to create a platform for dialogue, community engagement, and cultural appreciation by capturing intimate moments and narratives.


The Baba Project needs your help! They are looking for Father's who will volunteer to take portraits with their children for the project. We will ask questions about what Fatherhood means to you and find new ways to share our stories of Black Fatherhood.

Check out this interview with photographer , John Kornegay


John Kornegay is a seasoned photographer with a profound commitment to portraying real-life stories through his lens. Specializing in wedding, family portrait, and branding photography, John brings over a decade of expertise in capturing pivotal moments and profound narratives.


John's 2019 initiative, 'The Baba Project,' is a powerful testament to his commitment to social change. This heartfelt exploration of Black fatherhood challenges stereotypes and fosters community dialogue through evocative imagery and storytelling. It showcases the strength of familial bonds and serves as a platform for cultural expression, making a significant societal impact.


John is a photographer and an advocate for continuous learning and community engagement. He leverages his deep knowledge of digital marketing to amplify the reach of his projects.

John's work is a testament to the power of photography as a tool for social change, inviting viewers to partake in a journey of understanding and appreciation of the nuanced roles within Black families.

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