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2023-24 Digital Design Contest Winner!

Zion Jones

IMG_2288 - Zion Jones.jpeg

I am Zion K. Jones, a 15-year-old artist hailing from Greensboro, NC. With a heart captivated by the world of digital art, my joy and purpose is to represent the black community in my creations. Drawing inspiration from both the archives of history and the depths of my own imagination, I weave vivid, bold colors into my artwork in order to create an image that someone can see themselves in.

In addition, I am a straight-A student at Weaver Academy. With the immense support I’ve gotten from my family from the very beginning of my art journey, my artistic ability is growing more and more every single day.

About the Design

My design includes the great Dr. Alma Adams, one of the founders of the African American Atelier in 1990. Dr. Alma Adams’ vision to create an art gallery that successfully exhibited and promoted African American art influenced my decision to make her the main focus of this design. Without her, this organization would not exist. I also included the four words, expressive, movement, awareness, enlightening to seize the soul of the organization.The inclusion of the sun, grass, and tree serves to enhance the narrative, drawing parallels between natural growth and the flourishing of African American culture under the nurturing guidance of the Atelier. Ultimately, the goal of this art piece is to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Alma Adams and the African American Atelier while embodying the essence of expressive art, historical awareness, enlightenment, and the continuous movement towards progress.

2023-24 Digital Design Contest Finalists


Digital Design Contest


Welcome to the Digital Design T-Shirt Contest hosted by the African American Atelier! We are calling all artists of color, regardless of age, to participate in this exciting opportunity.


We encourage you to create a graphic that represents what the African American Atelier means to you. Whether it signifies community, a passion for African American/Black art, or a safe haven for free expression by artists of color, let your design be a reflection of your artistic vision. The graphic MUST contain "African American Atelier, Inc". Read Rule & Guidelines Carefully before submitting.

Submit your design with a $1 entry fee. The contest will open for submissions on June 18th, 2023, and close on August 30th.


The winner will receive a prize of $150 as well as the honor of having their design selected as the official T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, and printed materials for the 2023-2024 season.


Additionaly, your photo, artist website, and artist bio will be prominently featured on our website until the next year's T-shirt contest.


We will also give regular shoutout posts on our social media platforms to showcase your exceptional design.

Please read all guidelines before submitting. Payment is collected first and you will be taken directly to the submission link after payment.


Please be ready to make your donation, upload your design, and upload a photo of yourself when you click the submit now button.

To Enter


How Do I Win

All submissions will be reviewed by the curatorial team and the best submissions each week will be voted on via social media polls. 

Follow us on Instagram : @africanamericanatelier

Follow us on Facebook: African American Atelier, Inc

How to strengthen your odds?

We will be hosting polls on our Instagram, Facebook, and across our newsletter. You can vote once on each platform we encourage you to share our socials with your friends and family.


The selected design will play a significant role in promoting and raising funds for the highly anticipated return of the African American Art Festival in 2024. The African American Atelier is determined to revitalize and bring back this iconic festival, which showcases the rich artistic heritage and diverse talents of the African American community. Stay tuned for more information on submission steps, which will be released on June 1st. Get ready to unleash your creativity and be a part of this incredible contest!

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