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What is  Taller de Gráfica Popular?

The Taller de Gráfica Popular (People’s Print Workshop), most commonly known as TGP,  was founded in Mexico City in 1937, by artists Leopoldo Mendez, Pablo O’Higgins, and Luis Arena. TGP artists were political activists whose work represented a variety of political and social causes, such as the exploitation of the poor, the abuse of peasant rights, and the land-ownership system, among others. Many of the TGP prints depict Mexican history, including the 19th-century fight for independence from Spain and France, and the revolution of 1910.

The Exhibition

This exhibition contains works from the personal collection of Dr. Robert Healy. It features works by Posada, Nicolas Moreno, Leopoldo Mendez and Arturo García Bustos and Sergio Sanchez Santamaria, a contemporary artist working in the TGP tradition. Santamaria's, though contemporary, creates work comparable with the best of them. It features a series of TGP prints on Afro-American and Afro-Mexican subjects from artists such as Elizabeth Catlett and her husband Francisco Mora. A set of six prints of "Famous African-Americans", created in 1956 for a US magazine, illustrates famous African-Americans such as Crispus Attucks and Frederick Douglass.   


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