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Ashley Griffin is a Greensboro native and a North Carolina A&T State University alum. While attending university, Ashley gained the confidence to explore a variety of artistic mediums. As a professional artist, she prefers to challenge herself and extend her creativity to new heights instead of sticking to one or two mediums. As we viewed Ashley's diverse portfolio, we couldn't help but discuss the diverse techniques she uses in her work. Ashley is a true experimental artist who is constantly exploring through different techniques.


Kym Cooper is an inquisitive cubist / surrealist artist who is constantly on the pursuit of education, exploration, and joy. Speaking with Kym about her progression as an artist was almost surreal. In our conversation, we focused primarily on her art style, but we also discussed travel, African American family dynamics, Van Gough, and her appreciation for the African American Atelier. It was a inspiring conversation that encouraged artists to travel and expose themselves to different forms of art and cultures.

Her works bring you into a dream-like state of the african american consciousness and can be viewed at The Main, Center for Visual Artist, and the Kiosk.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 4.11_edited.jpg

Latasha "Sunny" Gravely is a Greensboro native that is most recognized for her bold color palette and striking imagery. Through her use of textured papers, colored tissue, paints, and oils pastel , Sunny creates a  vivacious expression of human emotions.

In every painting she creates, she explored the thought and feelings of a southern african american woman seeking sympathy and understanding within a divided country.

She Knows, Acrylic, 36x48, 2018_edited.jpg
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