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Founding Members Exhibition

Founded by Dr. Alma Adams and the late Eva Hamlin Miller in 1990, the African American Atelier has served Greensboro, NC for 32 years. It was Adams and Hamlin Miller's vision to create a professional, non-profit art gallery that heavily exhibited African American work to fill the cultural gap in Greensboro's art community.

Since the organization was established, the African American Atelier, Inc. has flourished and is leading the way in promoting African American art in Greensboro, NC as well as promoting African American art enrichment for youth in the community. Annually, the Atelier’s programs continue to serve thousands of youth, adults and seniors of all socio-economic backgrounds.

The organization has exhibited an extensive number of local, regional and national African American artists and other artists through a series of year round, annual rotational, group and solo exhibitions. Over the last 32 years, the African American Atelier has hosted numerous mixed media exhibitions, including African American Women of Distinction, Engraving Injustice, and Prolific Icons. Additionally, the African American Atelier has grown into a unique creative space that features exhibitions, forums, gallery talks, educational seminars, and celebrates the contributions of African Americans and other ethnicities.

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