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Juneteenth Exhibition

Enter the vibrant world of the "30 for 30" exhibition, a celebration of artistic expression and diversity. This exhibition showcases a dynamic range of colors and provocative imagery, featuring a range of media from paintings to photography. This exhibition not only celebrates art but also supports our mission to promote and support African American artists.

The African American Atelier was founded in 1987, and since then, we have been committed to creating a platform for black artists to showcase their work and connect with the wider community. The "30 for 30" exhibition continues this tradition, highlighting 30 talented artists who have generously donated $30 to support the return of the African American Art Festival. By featuring new and upcoming artists along with veteran artists, we aim to provide a vital opportunity to highlight the richness and diversity of African American art.

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Starting June 17th, we will be welcoming the 2nd Series of the Juneteenth Exhibit: "Faces" A Celebration of Juneteenth featuring modern folk artist, Amanda Mack. Amanda's art features her signature circles representing her childhood dream of being an artist, the cyclical journey life takes, and inspirations from other artists, nature, and spirituality. She uses bright colored acrylics to channel her art into life. As the exhibition becomes a part of the Juneteenth celebration, it takes on a greater significance as a time to celebrate freedom and acknowledge the ongoing struggle for equality and justice. The exhibition will be open to the public until July 29th, providing ample time for visitors to experience the power of these works of art.

Help Us Bring the African American Art Festival Back

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