Celebrating the African American Atelier's 30th Anniversary 

African American Atelier, Inc.

African American Atelier, Inc.

To promote an awareness, appreciation and sensitivity to the visual arts and culture of African Americans and to work in harmony with other ethnic groups.

Youth Program

Youth Program

"As an instructor for the African American Atelier, I enjoy seeing the children's ideas expand. The Atelier offers a venue that the children we serve would not otherwise be able to express themselves through." -Instructor

Prints & Posters

Prints & Posters

Did you know you can buy prints, posters, books and more at the Atelier?



Community Mural Project 

The African American Atelier, Inc. invites you to join us in a community mural project, titled “The Big Picture” designed by artist Ashley Griffin.  Participants will paint a pre sketched 16”x20” canvas with materials provided by the Atelier. The completed canvases will be displayed collectively, creating the mural to be showcased in the gallery of the African American Atelier. If you are interested in participating, please email us at at arts@africanamericanatelier.org or contact the Atelier at (336)333-6885 to reserve your kit. Kits are available at no cost to a limited number of individuals.

Featured Artist

"Krystal Hart"


200 N Davie St # 14,

Greensboro, NC 27401, USA


(336) 333-6885

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