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Youth Programs

Atelier Around the World enhances self-esteem and promotes cultural awareness through the visual arts for youth in underrepresented communities.

Since 1993, trained artists, teachers and volunteers have mentored and instructed students through creative arts activities. This hands-on program provides children between the ages of 5-17 with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of art and encourage them to explore their artistic talent to the fullest.

Sessions will focus on specific techniques which include: basic drawing, painting, printmaking, quilting and other selected arts and crafts.

Read With Me

Every 2nd Saturday we host Read with Me, a literacy and art program that introduces youth to new themes in fun ways! Age range vary based on book choice and activity. Parents are welcome to stay for the program. Youth will get to view the current art exhibit on display, hear a story from a BIPOC author, and enjoy an art activity.  


Join us for our next "Read With Me!" on March 13th, 2024

Kaleb and Maya are discussing taking an adventure into space when they meet a genie that magically comes out of their nightlight and promises to help. Throughout their journey, they realize the work is not as easy as planned!
With the countdown nearing, will the Dreamlighters find their way to the moon?

About the Story

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Youth Entrepreneur Program

Every 3rd Saturday we host the Youth Entrepreneur Program,

The programs mission is to empower the next generation of young business leaders over the course of of a year long program.


The Youth Entrepreneur Program is made possible through the partnership of Kids Poetry Basketball and the African American Atelier as well as the support of local organizations, businesses, and individual community members.


Our program provides essential skills, mentorship, and resources to guide young minds (ages 17 and under) through the business world. With hands-on experiences, engaging workshops, and expert guidance, participants will ignite their entrepreneurial spirit, cultivating creativity and leadership.

Youth Entrepreneur Program .png

April Update

Youth Entrepreneur Program will pause for the month of April and will resume May 18th.



Registration to join the program is open.

Those who have registered and attended one class do not need to re-register.

Community Work

Artistic Roots in Warnerville

Artistic roots (1).png

Artistic Roots 

We aim to expose participants to various art forms, such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and more, focusing on one genre during each session. Local artists with community ties will share their artistic journey, and a dedicated segment in each workshop will contribute to our community art project, 'Our Mural,' with its title decided by program participants

Coming Soon!

2024 Youth Art Class Schedule

2023 Summer Program Schedule

SummerFall Workshops (3).png

Paint & Pour Class Description

Unleash your creativity and master the art of vibrant canvas painting through our Paint Pour class, where you'll delve into color theory, explore paint pour ideas, learn color mixing techniques, and create stunning home decor.

Abstract Paint Class Description


Embark on a transformative journey of self-expression with our Abstract Paint Class, where you'll explore the therapeutic aspects of art, delve into color theory, discover abstract ideas inspired by renowned artists, learn painting techniques infused with emotions, and create captivating home decor pieces that reflect your inner world.

Atelier Around the World Workshops are $10 per adult, $5 per youth or $7 for 2 youths

Interested in Sponsoring A Class ? With Your help we can offer a workshop at no cost or reduced cost for youth 

Meet Our New Teacher!







Hey Hey! My name is Naila like the Lion King and I am a black creator who believes in the power of art and vulnerability. As artists we create what we can't say, but I create what I am ashamed to feel. My creative process includes journaling, then literally capturing raw emotions on camera, then later collaging the feeling onto canvas. It's my own little therapy. My goal is to bring mental health to the forefront. Look at the trauma, acknowledge it, then release it; On my youtube channel (dbnaila) I do exactly that; I talk, I cry, then I create with my community. I allow myself to make mistakes, and become vulnerable. Life is about letting go, so let's create then release it! Sessions will focus on specific techniques which include: basic drawing, painting, printmaking, quilting and other selected arts and crafts.

Instructors Needed

Sites Served

- Alamance Elementary 

- Alderman Elementary

- Bennett College Intergenerational Center

- Bessemer Elementary

- Black Child Development Institute at Windsor Recreation Center

- Bluford Elementary

- Jones Elementary 

- Morehead Elementary

- Rankin Elementary

- Washington Montessori Elementary 

- Wiley Elementary

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