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 2024 Events & Artist Opportunities


"CHROINCLES DE COCINA: THE STORIES WE TELL THROUGH LATINX FOOD"- A call for artists“Conflict, conquest, seductions, ethnicity and nationhood, dreams and disillusionments; all these have their place at the dinner tables of Latin America.


Eating itself may be an act of conquest or a gesture of tribute and reverence, the meal an affirmation of hierarchy or a kind of abnegation. And food may hide poison or tears or the ingredients that stimulate love or induce forgetfulness.” González,Mike


. “Food in Latin America”Chronicles de Cocinas: The Stories we tell through Latinx Food exhibit explores the multiple ways in which food, food habits, food spaces, and foodways communicate cultural and historical values and issues in Latin America and Latinx cultures. Casa Azul invites Latinx artists to reflect on how food images and food practices are used symbolically to enter dialogue with Latinx history and culture and as a medium of celebration or social commentary.The exhibition is a collaboration between Casa Azul of Greensboro and The African American Atelier and will take place in the The African American Atelier gallery in the Greensboro Cultural Center from September 3rd to October 15th of 2024 in North Carolina.


Application deadline: Saturday, June 23rd, 2024 by 11:59 pm

Application cost: FREE


Selection of artists will be announced by end of July 2024

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