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 Events & Artist Opportunities

Youth Art Class

Unleash your creativity and let your imagination soar with us!

Sept 23

Dance Technique Class

Tanya Wideman-Davis and Thaddeus Davis will lead an intermediate/advanced level dance technique class for students ages 13+. The class addresses the dancing body with a linear and curved movement vocabulary that challenges physicality and rhythmic dynamics

Sept 28

Casa Azul : Artist Talk

A Conversation about the Artists Journey

Sept 28

Dance Project: Artist Workshop

Wideman Davis Dance invites local professional artists of all disciplines to engage in conversation and explore how their art practices connect to their communities. Thaddeus Davis and Tanya Wideman-Davis use their experience as two dance artists working and creating in southern Black communities to guide participants into greater understanding of how to live into your values through your artistic practice, and hone the skills you have to connect with your community. Through this workshop, artists will clarify what they believe and what kind of contribution they want to make in the world.

Sept 29

Voting Ends

Vote Now for our 2023 Digital Design Contest Winner! 

Sept 30

Film Screening + Conversation

Join us for a public screening of the award-winning film, "We Dance," followed by an interactive, community conversation with the artists of Wideman Davis Dance, on the themes of family, legacy, migration, memory, and more.

About "We Dance":

We Dance is a love story, deconstructed and distilled into its most elemental ingredients. Dreams. Memories. Family. And environments. Through stunning visuals and vivid poetry, Tanya Wideman-Davis and Thaddeus Davis take us from Chicago to Montgomery, from New York to the point where their lives meet and become one. Along the way, they honor and signify on Black American art, poetry, and literature. They offer commentary on the importance of movement and migration to Black American identity, lived experience, and consciousness. And they show how all of our stories are kept, in the places we’ve been, and in the food we eat, and in the dreams that we so steadfastly chase.

Sept 30

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