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Legacy Membership

Become a Legacy Member!

Help us continue the legacy of the African American Atelier for years to come and become a Legacy Member! 

Joining as a Legacy Member means contributing to the success of the African American Atelier and actively supporting the return of the African American Festival. Your participation matters!


 The $50 membership includes 1 Digital Design Contest T-shirt and entry to 1  adult or youth art class  at the African American Atelier. Our 2024 art classes will explore various mediums, including stained glass, pottery,acrylic painting, sewing, quilting.


Shape the future of African American art in our community.


Legacy Membership Exclusive Benefits:

  • Receive a complimentary Digital Design Contest T-shirt that displays the work of Digital Design Contest Winner, Zion Jones . 

  • Gain entry to either 1 youth or 1 adult art class in 2024, fostering creativity and skill development.

  • Enjoy website recognition for your unwavering dedication to reviving the African American Art Festival.

  • As the Legacy Fund flourishes, anticipate continued initiatives to uplift, support, and express our gratitude to our valued Legacy Members.


More Information 

Please review the full FAQ section for answers to common queries and more information about the Legacy Membership. If any questions remain unanswered or if you encounter limitations preventing online form completion, please don't hesitate to contact us. For those uncomfortable with online forms, reach out, and our staff will assist you in completing the membership process either over the phone or via check.

For further assistance, please contact the Communications Director, Mrs. Nicole Brown, at We're here to help!


2023-24 Digital Design Contest Winner

Zion Jones

IMG_2288 - Zion Jones.jpeg

Top  Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a Legacy Membership? Your membership includes a complimentary Digital Design Contest T-Shirt , entry to either 1 youth or 1 adult art class in 2024, and website recognition to your dedication to bring the African American Art Festival Back. As the Legacy Fund grows we will continue to find ways to uplift , support, and thank our Legacy Members.

What art classes will you be offering? In 2024 we plan to offer a variety of youth and adult art classes that include waist bead making, stain glass, pottery, drawing, sewing, and quilting classes. 

Is this tax deductible? Yes! The African American Atelier, Inc is a 5013c non-profit corporation. Donations are deductible for income tax purposes. We will use the contact information to send letter to acknowledge your donation.

How does it work? Once you make your donation you will be redirected to a form where we will collect your information such as t-shirt size, name, email, and mailing address. Once we receive your information we will email you with further information about upcoming art classes as well as when the shirts will be ready for pick up.

How can I learn about the 2023-2024 Digital Design T-shirt design and learn about the artist? Visit the Digital Desgin Page under Events & Opportunities. We encourage you to learn about our Digital Design Winner Zion Jones and support her in her future endeavors as a rising artists.

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