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Black Historical Faces

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Black Historical Faces (an exhibition of The Recreate Project) is an exploration of prominent. Black American Historical Figures, of which many were unstoppable trailblazers in building the fabric of society and helped pave the way for generations to come. Through creativity, photography and digital artwork, Jasmine Mallory delivers recreated themed images of significant Black Historical Figures as a way to share and educate black history knowledge.

As a bonus, the exhibition offers “moments of engagement” to observe the audio voices of each of the historical figures. Be sure to BYOE (bring your own earbuds)!!

The Recreate Project

The Recreate Project is an initiative to celebrate, elevate and educate Black History year round.  It is The Recreate Project's mission to preserve the rich heritage of Black Americans by sharing their stories and honoring their legacies. Founded and organized by Jasmine Mallory. 

Jasmine Mallory

Jasmine Mallory is a digital artist, photographer, author, poet, history sharer, raw vegan & entrepreneur. In 2017, while embarking on a journey to gain “knowledge of self,” Jasmine was inspired by the theme “ReCreate” as a way to creatively share Black History knowledge through recreated photos of black historical figures. As a result, this idea manifested into The Recreate Project, which is an initiative to highlight and share the stories of often forgotten Foundational Black Americans who were unstoppable trailblazers in building the fabric of America.

What started off as a blog has now flourished into a high volume website with viewers from across the globe, as well as an annual Black History Calendar.

With nearly a hundred images in her portfolio, she continues to expand her catalog throughout the year, working with community members to re-capture black history makers.

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Clement Mallory

Clement Mallory is a performance artist and a professional poet from the great city of Brooklyn, NY by way of the Van Dyke Project in Brownsville. He has performed on many stages both great and small, from Broadway to the famous Apollo Theater, to local theaters, libraries, universities, clubs, bars, streets, and subways.
In addition to sharing the stage with the legendary Nikki Giovanni and The Last Poets, he has toured across the country, performing with the grand poetry troupe, "Poetry Alive." Clement has produced 3 poetry CDs, a variety of poetry books and poem booklets. He is also the founder and organizer of Kids Poetry Basketball, a non-profit organization which teaches literacy to youth ages 4-13.


February 02

Black Poetic Faces

"Black Poetic Faces" is a one man performance curated by (poet & actor) Clement Mallory. Expect to be entertained, amazed, and enlightened by the many character portrayals that are intertwined in
their own tale of poetry. Exhibit exploration time 6-7pm.

One Man Show Begin at 7pm

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February 09

Recreate Project Panelist Discussion

Recreate Project Panelist discussion involving the
community members who posed and portrayed as the black historical figures featured in The Black Historical Faces Exhibit.

Exhibit exploration 6-6:30pm.

Performing Artist (6:30pm- 7pm)
Panel Discussion begins (7-8pm), 

The Lady & The Mic

February 17

The Lady and the Mic  is a Spoken Word Poetry and open commentary with curator Jasmine Mallory. Followed by an Open Mic session.
Exhibit exploration (3:30pm - 4pm)

Open Mic  begins at 4pm

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