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About Us

The formation of an art gallery that focuses on displaying pieces created by African American artists and artists of color in Greensboro evolved from a long standing dream of Greensboro resident and nationally acclaimed artist-educator the late Eva Hamlin Miller.


Eva Hamlin Miller and her former student Alma Adams conceived the idea of establishing a non-profit, professional art gallery (African American Atelier, Inc.) in the Greensboro Cultural Center.


“Atelier”, French for “artist studio” seeks to: promote an awareness, appreciation and sensitivity to the arts and culture of African Americans and people of color; educate and train in the visual arts.​

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Due to the hardwork and dedication from James C. McMillan, Floyd Newkirk, Vandorn Hinnant, John Rogers, Henry Sumpter, Candace Ray and Paula Young, the African American Atelier, Inc. was officially chartered and incorporated by the state of North Carolina on September 28, 1990.


The gallery opened its doors to the public in the Greensboro Cultural Center (in an 800 square foot space) on January 13, 1991 approximately four months after the Greensboro Cultural Center officially opened. The gallery’s grand opening featured works by the Atelier's founding member artists to establish the First Annual “Founding Members Exhibition”.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain a professional art gallery that encourages and  appreciates the arts and culture of African American artists and .artist of  colors. 

Mission & Outreach

Awareness, Authenticity, Expression, & Enlightenment

 We at the African American Atelier are committed to supporting and presenting the work of artists of color while exposing, educating, and engaging the residents of Guilford County .

Focusing on Awareness, Authenticity, and Enlightenment the Atelier seeks to enhance the visibility and exposure of African American artists and artists of color in Greensboro, NC.


Art Creates Awareness

The Atelier’s Mission is accomplished through:

  • Exhibitions

  • Forums

  • Lectures

  • Education Programs & Workshops


Art is Authentic

The Atelier was created to provide a much needed safe place to African American artist and artist of color to present their work in a professional gallery. Throughout the years we have strived to provide inclusive and thought-provoking exhibitions that allow artists to be proud of their roots and their cultures.

Art is Enlightening

Atelier around the world Youth Program Includes:

  • Art! After School

  • Saturday Enrichment Workshops (S.E.W.)

  • Murals, Minds & Communities (MMC) Art Camp

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