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Community Holiday Party

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Celebrating Together - A Family-Friendly Community Holiday Party for Mingling, Networking, and Unity


Join Us on December 1st, 2023, 6:00 PM, at the African American Atelier


Greensboro, NC, December 1st, 2023 — Join us for the African American Atelier's family-friendly Community Holiday Party, where the spirit of mingling, networking, and unity reigns supreme. The best part? This event is entirely FREE to the public.

Looking to make a difference this holiday season? 

Contribute art supplies or an unwrapped toy for a chance to win exciting prizes in our giveaway! Your support will enable us to provide much-needed art supplies to local teachers, and toy donations will go towards a local Toy Drive supporting Kids Poetry Basketball and promoting youth literacy in Greensboro.


Prizes in the giveaway include dinner vouchers for local restaurants, youth-friendly books, a complimentary private wine tasting for you and your closest friends, a free week of after-school childcare, and much more!

Why "Celebrating Together?

The Community Holiday Party shows how much we care about unity, community, and culture. This family-friendly event brings our community together, introducing you to local businesses and groups that support BIPOC art. We've got fun activities like Kente Claus telling stories ,amazing West African dancers, carolers, and a special PRIZE GIVEAWAY that helps us share important messages and have a great time. This event sets the tone for the year ahead, bringing resources to our community and helping businesses connect with the people they serve.


This event is made possible by collaborations and partnerships with businesses who share our values in community, literacy, and love for the arts : Sip With Sherry, Ben’s Boyz , Next Chapter Bookstore and Gift shop, Triad Play, Black Magnolia Southern Patisserie, In.Tune Inc., Kuumba West African Dance Co., and the local's favorite storyteller–Fred Motley.


Meet Our Sponsor!

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Sip With Sherry

Sip With Sherry is a wine catering company specializing in wine tastings and mimosa bars. Their fun and informative wine tastings have been coined, ‘Learning with a TWIST!’ Through her knowledge as a student of WSET & The International Sommelier's Guild, owner Sherry Nicole is committed to ‘Empowering YOU to sip for YOUR palate!


Sip With Sherry is also proud to offer wine knowledge and development workshops for the staff of bars and restaurants! Try out their ‘Pick for ME’ service, where you are able to receive a wine list specifically tailored to your palate.

Meet Our Collaborators!

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The Historic Magnolia House

The Historic Magnolia House opened in 1949 as one of the only hotels between Atlanta, Georgia, and Richmond, Virginia, that allowed African American travelers to stay overnight due to lodging restrictions under Jim Crow. The house grew in notoriety after appearing in six publications of The Negro Motorist Green Book created by Victor H. Green in 1949. The Green Book served as a travelers’ guide that detailed businesses that were safe for Black patrons.

The Magnolia House fell into disrepair in the 1970s due to lack of interest because of integration, so in 1996, Sam Pass bought the house and started the restoration process. Today his daughter and current owner of the house, Natalie Miller, is continuing the process to repair the house to its former glory . The mission of The Historic Magnolia House is to honor the impact the hotel had on people of color during its heyday as a haven for African Americans who had trouble securing accommodations and as a meeting place for civil rights activists. Today, the Historic Magnolia House is a venue for celebratory and corporate events and will open as living-history hotel in the fall.

Made from scratch. With ​love.

From our Award Winning Cinnamon Rolls, to our scrumptious pies, cakes, cookies & MORE. Black Magnolia Southern Patisserie is here to offer you delectable, hand-crafted, artisan baked goods from the freshest locally sourced ingredients.

All made from scratch, with love. Black Magnolia Southern Patisserie is a wholesale microbakery that began in our home kitchen in 2020. Over the past two years, we have quickly grown into one of Greensboro's tastiest bakeries.


Black Magnolia baked goods are now available at The Historic Magnolia House,

Borough Coffee, Common Grounds (Elam & Downtown), Cille & Scoe, Danny's Restaurant, and SleepyHeadz Coffee.

Ben's Boyz

Combined, the two have 50 plus years of restaurant experience, among other professional skills. Bensboyz will create opportunities and forge partnerships with everyone focused on making this world the best place it can be. Legacy building is the cornerstone of business, providing a means for the future while paying respects to the past!

Next Chapter Bookstore & Giftshop

Next Chapter Bookstore/Gift Shop is the space in Ben’s Boyz Restaurant designed to showcase Creatives from the local area, as well as, outside of the Triad. Curated in September 2021, Next Chapter houses the artwork, books, talents and more of over 70+ of your favorite Creatives in the ARTS. Often called “The Black Cracker Barrel”, Ben’s Boyz and Next Chapter offer up just the right serving of eating and shopping.

Triad Play

At Triad Play we host after school care our focus is for children to build their confidence and love the skin they are in!We offer unique, self motivating activities that are interactive and exciting. After 8 weeks students learn: Mental Wellness, Conflict Resolution, True Friendship, Overcome Fears, Communication Skills, Healthy Habits, Feel better about oneself!

Kuumba West African Dance Co.

Kuumba West African Dance Co. was born in 2006 by Patricia Hall based in Danville, Va. For over 10 years, KWADC has been dedicated to spreading and educating on authentic West African culture. KWADC was founded to share traditional folklore through song, music, dance, and storytelling and has a foundation in community where the organization commits to inspiring every being it shares a space with. KWADC stands behind its mission statement of “sharing positive energy makes life worth living.”

In.Tune Inc

In Tune Inc. is a music organization with a mission to make music education accessible to all, regardless of financial limitations. We understand that not everyone has the privilege to afford expensive music lessons, and we are passionate about breaking down these barriers and making music education inclusive to everyone. Our goal is to provide a platform where people can learn music and explore various styles and genres without worrying about financial constraints.

Fiber Space

Fiber Space is the first Black, Veteran, Woman owned coworking flex space, conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Greensboro We are a few steps away from the ICRCM, home of the Greensboro Sit In Movement, on Historic Elm St. with access to restaurants, city governments and a host of amazing retail shops and businesses, Fiber Space is the perfect place for moms, creators and young professionals to work, create and network. There is No Space Like Home here at Fiber Space.

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