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Casa Azul of Greensboro 2023 Series:  LATITUDES in Afro-Latinx Art

Casa Azul of Greensboro brings to our community its 2023 Art Series that will include five events highlighting Afro-Latinx art and culture and drawing attention to the African influence in Latin America and Latino art and culture. For this year’s series Casa Azul of Greensboro is once again partnering with the African American Atelier to bring its series: LATITUDES in Afro-Latinx Art

The Afro-Latinx diaspora spans latitudes. Latitude refers both to a place and a celestial object in relation to the equatorial mark we humans invented. It is an imaginary line around the globe. It occupies both north and south imaginations. In this series, we are highlighting artworks and practices that engage with the Afro-Latinx expressions in their diversities, expansions, and imaginations. 

The exhibition is a collaboration between Casa Azul of Greensboro and The African American Atelier and will take place at The African American Atelier gallery in the Greensboro Cultural Center in September/October of 2023.


September 15th

Opening Art Exhibit Reception at African American Atelier. Meet the artists at 6:00 pm

Opening Reception


September 28th

At the The African American Atelier Gallery, 6:00 pm

A Conversation About the Artist's Journey


October 13th

 Talk and Demonstration by Betto Herrera. Director of Mambo Dinámico Dance Company, 6:00 pm

“Raíces africanas en ritmos latinos” (African Roots in Latin Rhythms)

 About the Curator and Juror:

Paula Damasceno is an Afro-Latinx awarded visual artist and emerging curator. Damasceno's work intersects photography and material culture to express and discuss culture through form and shape. Her works speak of a multi-diasporic self and the possibility of self-transcendence through a back-and-forth dance between individuality and plurality. Damasceno was selected to participate in the Light Work Artist Residency in 2022 and is currently pursuing an MFA at The School of the Institute of Art and Design of Chicago from which she was awarded a full merit-based scholarship. She holds a BFA with a concentration in Photography from UNC Greensboro. She was awarded the 2020 Hariban Juror's Choice Award chosen by Lucy Gallun and the Silver 2020 Fine Art Award from the Budapest International Photo Award. She exhibited at the Weatherspoon Museum and the Southeastern Center for Photography. Her first solo exhibition is scheduled for the Winter of 2024 at the Horace Williams House in Chapel Hill..

About the Exhibit Partners:

Casa Azul of Greensboro, We preserve and celebrate Latino culture and heritages through our arts and entertainment programs. We help build bridges of understanding through community dialogue, strengthen families with arts and entertainment and cultural activities. 

The African American Atelier. Our mission is to support and present the work of artists of color while exposing, educating, and engaging the residents of Guilford County. Focusing on Awareness, Authenticity, and Enlightenment the Atelier seeks to enhance the visibility and exposure of African American artists and artists of color in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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